August 30, 2016

Emotion versus Logic in Real Estate

Buying or selling residential real estate is likely to be one of the most emotionally charged transactions you will do in your life. Buying or selling in an emotional state can sometimes lead to poor decisions. Whether it’s the buyer that overpays or the seller who declined the best offer, we are all susceptible to […]


July 4, 2016

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How’s The Market?

Despite the negative talk surrounding property prices in 2016, it is now becoming apparent that what experts warned could happen has not actually happened. The May interest rate cut has stimulated the Sydney housing market right at the time that many felt the boom was done for. Many economists will state that this is unhealthy […]


June 13, 2016

Who can you trust in real estate?

For some people, stepping into the real estate arena feels like stepping into the Colosseum with lions on the loose. When you are about to buy or sell your most important asset, conducting the transaction amongst contradictory advice and other people’s vested interest is daunting. It does beg the question, ‘Who can you trust in […]


June 3, 2016

The Property Escalator

The property market is like an escalator. Sometimes it goes up – as it has recently. And sometimes it goes down. In different areas, it may move at different speeds, even in different directions. One area may be falling while others are still rising. Sometimes the escalator stops. In some areas, right now, the escalator […]


June 3, 2016

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When “The Market” Doesn’t mean The Market

It’s pretty easy to get into a conversation about real estate. Everyone has an interest in it one way or another and everyone has an opinion that is mostly based on media portrayal of “The Market”. Most of the time the media is giving the public information that is incorrect, biased or simply irrelevant. Let’s […]


June 3, 2016

Cold Sell

We are starting to get into the colder months of the year. Many people considering going on to the market to sell their homes are facing a conundrum – sell in winter or wait until spring. Aside from the practical considerations such as work commitments, school terms and actually being ready to go on the […]


April 11, 2016

How’s The Market? Q1 2016

The Sutherland Shire property market is off to a cautiously optimistic start. The first couple of months have provided further evidence that the boom is over, but strong prices are still being achieved. The reporting on the market has been confusing with many falsely suggesting the end of the boom is the start of a […]

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