August 23, 2016

Real Estate in the Sutherland Shire

As we approach the end of winter we can now reflect back on the real estate market of the last few months in the Sutherland Shire. Winter always shows a trend of slowing, there is no denying that as the weather cools down humans also tend to hibernate, so the idea of moving home or […]


June 3, 2016

The Property Escalator

The property market is like an escalator. Sometimes it goes up – as it has recently. And sometimes it goes down. In different areas, it may move at different speeds, even in different directions. One area may be falling while others are still rising. Sometimes the escalator stops. In some areas, right now, the escalator […]


April 11, 2016

How’s The Market? Q1 2016

The Sutherland Shire property market is off to a cautiously optimistic start. The first couple of months have provided further evidence that the boom is over, but strong prices are still being achieved. The reporting on the market has been confusing with many falsely suggesting the end of the boom is the start of a […]


April 11, 2016

Sellers risk being snagged by Bait Pricing!

As the boom fades, the damage and pain caused by underquoting has shifted from buyers to sellers. In a boom, a low price guide attracts an excess of bidders who all compete vigorously for the home. The sellers end up with a satisfactory price, one buyer gets the home and there are many devastated buyers […]

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